Live After Writing Episode 5

Tim talks about his new short story, Ludosensitivity out on now. He also discusses the game of chess, an important feature of the story.

You can buy Ludosensitivity by following this link: Ludosensitivity

Watch the youtube video here

Live After Writing Episode 1

In this first episode introductions are made, novels are described, and a certain story alluded to early is forgotten later on. Yes, its my first episode. Warts and all!

Find the video of this podcast on youtube: Video Podcast

Buy the short story I forgot to mention again here:

Thanks for listening. Share and enjoy.

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Under Construction

This page is no longer jut a placeholder.

My podcast, “Live After Writing” begins soon, and this site looks like it will be the host.

Live After Writing is a podcast recorded in sessions immediately after I finish a session of writing, and will contain all sorts of thoughts I have during and after sessions.

If you’re interested in the podcast keep watching this blog, or check on itunes starting soon.

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In other words, this show is finally getting on the road.

Thanks for reading.